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What Makes Mac & Cheese a Beloved BBQ Side for Ormond Beach Restaurants?

Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 1:10PM

What Makes Mac & Cheese a Beloved BBQ Side for Ormond Beach Restaurants?

Is Mac & Cheese the first dish to disappear at your barbecue gatherings? If so, you’re not alone—this delicious side is a favorite of foodies everywhere, especially when paired alongside hearty, saucy barbecue favorites.

Just read on as we explore the ins and outs of this creamy barbecue staple, and how to enjoy it at your next barbecue dinner, in honor of Mac & Cheese Day July 14th. Take a look.

It’s classic comfort food…

We love good barbecue for its ability to fill us up and soothe our souls with familiar, comforting flavors—so it’s only fitting that a beloved comfort food like Mac & Cheese is perfectly at home next to family recipes like Colt’s St. Louis Baby Back Ribs or Brisket! Every bite is creamy, cheesy goodness, helping us unwind by the bowlful.

… and a real crowd-pleaser, too

From a meal planning perspective, Mac & Cheese is a no-brainer for barbecues big and small. It’s a food many of us grew up eating, and its familiar, soothing flavors (we can’t get enough cheesy goodness in our meals) make it a true crowd-pleaser, as a side or standalone meal of its own.

Mac & Cheese balances out Southern barbecue’s sweet, tangy flavors

Mac & Cheese works well next to virtually any entrée, but it pairs especially well with barbecue. Every chef or at-home foodie knows that cooking loves complements: sweet and sour, crunchy and smooth, you get the idea. Mac & Cheese is smooth and creamy, contrasting perfectly with the crispy exterior of our juicy, tender Brisket or Barbecue Chicken. Plus, its relatively mild, cheesy flavor plays off beautifully against the sweet, tangy flavors inherent in Southern Barbecue.  

It’s a convenient canvas for a wide variety of ingredients

For foodies, Mac & Cheese isn’t just delicious—it’s a tantalizing opportunity to try something new! The simple combination of noodles and gooey cheese can be a canvas atop which you add everything from Brisket to Pulled Pork and beyond! Or add a scoop of Mac to your go-to sandwich. Go ahead and try a fresh, flavorful combination during your next Colt’s meal; the options are endless.

Colt’s tips for Mac & Cheese magic

Our top tip for enjoying Mac & Cheese with your Colt’s barbecue or family gathering? Order some extra Mac & Cheese—it goes fast, and is sure to please the whole family. We can provide you with catering options for a tray (or trays) of Mac & Cheese and other savory sides. When entertaining at home, or looking for fun ways to mix up your meal routine, you can even set up a Mac & Cheese bar with plenty of mix-ins, from veggies to pulled meat, for your family to customize themselves.

From Fourth of July to just-because barbecues all summer long (and beyond), Colt’s is here to provide the Mac & Cheese you love! Plus, of course, all of your favorite barbecue classics like Brisket, Wings, Baby Back Ribs and much more.

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