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Happy National Potato Lover’s Day!

Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 10:52AM

Happy National Potato Lover’s Day!

Fried, mashed, roasted, smashed—any way you slice them, potatoes are one of our favorite comfort foods! But did you know that this soothing staple packs a host of nutritious benefits, too?

In honor of National Potato Lover’s Day on February 8th, we’re exploring the ins and outs of potato nutrition, as well as a few delicious ways to dig in here at Colt’s Pig Stand. Take a look!

A potassium powerhouse…

Potassium is often associated with bananas, but did you know that one medium potato packs an even greater potassium punch? Each serving has about 620 milligrams of potassium, a mineral that is essential for the everyday function of your body—from muscle health to metabolizing the food you eat, to even promoting a healthy blood pressure!

… and surprising source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is another important nutrient, known for a host of health benefits including to your immune system. Oranges are a major source of vitamin C, but potatoes aren’t far behind! Each medium potato contains about 45 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C. When you prepare potatoes at home, opt to keep the skin on whenever possible to reap the biggest benefits in terms of vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients.

Colt’s classic potatoes

When potato cravings call, Colt’s has the answer! Here are a few delicious ways to dig in:

  • French Fries: A quintessential barbecue classic, our crispy, comforting French Fries are the perfect accompaniment to wings, a hearty sandwich and just about anything else on the menu.
  • Potato Salad: Our Colt’s Potato Salad evokes images of breezy summertime picnics and backyard barbecues with friends. It’s a beloved part of any barbecue, and ours is no exception! Enjoy this creamy, flavorful side soon.
  • Sweet Tater Tots: Our Sweet Tater Tots toe the line between “sweet” and “savory,” delivering a delicious blend of both with an irresistible crunch. This bite-sized side is perfect for pairing with all of your favorite Colt’s go-tos.

Bonus: Potato goodness at home

Have a hankering for potatoes at home? Try smashed potatoes, an effortless side served up at brunch, lunch or dinner—or just when you need a good snack. Boil a batch of small potatoes, place them on a baking pan and lightly press down with a fork so that they’re smashed thin. Add your favorite spices and bake for a crispy, textured treat!

For a more traditional breakfast dish, you can’t go wrong with a pan of home fries. For the perfect potatoes that are crisp on the outside, yet soft and creamy on the inside, parboil your potatoes first for five to ten minutes. This will help get some of the cooking out of the way, so when it comes time to fry your cubed potatoes, they get a nice brown, crisp color without being undercooked inside.

What’s your preferred potato? Let us know and be sure to dig in here at Colt’s on National Potato Lover’s Day and all year long! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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