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Eat Well and Be Well in the New Year: 5 of Our Favorite Resolutions

Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 12:10PM

Eat Well and Be Well in the New Year: 5 of Our Favorite Resolutions

A New Year is here—and we can’t wait to enjoy good food and family fun all throughout 2020! Take a look below as we share a few of our favorite resolutions for eating well and being well all year long.

Enjoy local flavors

From enjoying the freshest possible flavors, to supporting local farmers and vendors, there are many great reasons to eat local in 2020—so pick your favorite and dig in! Fortunately for us Sunshine Staters, there are many great opportunities to enjoy nearby because good, fresh flavors are always in season. You can visit a local farmer’s market, for example, and meet the people who grow your go-to colorful produce! (The Ormond Beach Farmer’s Market is one delicious option that takes place every Thursday at City Hall Plaza.)

You can also savor local flavors by enjoying a meal here at Colt’s Pig Stand! We strive to incorporate local vendors’ ingredients into our menu as much as possible, so you can dig in knowing that your food didn’t have to travel too far to wind up at your table.

Of course, if you want to get hyperlocal, you can start right at home! Nothing tastes better than fresh basil or a juicy tomato grown right in your backyard, perfect for easy entertaining at dinner parties and just-for-fun gatherings.

Get more H2O

Even when Florida weather cools down a bit, we still need plenty of water to keep our bodies well-fueled! Fortunately, this common New Year’s resolution is easy to accomplish. Pick up a reusable water bottle so you’re always reminded to fill up, and enjoy the benefits of hydration all throughout your day.

Spend quality time with family and friends

In 2020, let’s resolve to spend more quality time with the people we love most! Little moments throughout the day—from a relaxing cup of coffee, to some backyard fun, to an after-school meal at Colt’s—can make all the difference. To make this quality time more “quality,” set aside the phones and just enjoy each other’s presence! You may find yourself feeling more mindful of the laughs and warm, unexpected moments that make time together truly great.

Get away without “getting away”

Dreaming about taking more vacations in 2020? You may not have to travel too far to do it! Enjoy the benefits of getting away without really “getting away” by taking a staycation to a spot in the Sunshine State, like a nearby beach you’ve never been to, or a town you’ve been wanting to explore. Or embark upon an exciting camping trip at one of Central Florida’s beautiful, lush escapes! These are trips we can all work into our schedules and travel budgets, while still returning home feeling restored and refreshed from a meaningful trip.

Host more just-because occasions

The holidays may be over, but who says the tradition of gathering and enjoying fun, festive moments with family and friends has to end? At Colt’s, we know the power of a just-because gathering—a dinner party or impromptu backyard picnic that gives everyone an excuse to get together and have some fun! If you’re thinking about this kind of get-together, let Colt’s take care of the menu—we’ve got you covered with bulk trays of your favorite barbecue mains and mouthwatering sides, so you and the whole crowd are able to bond over a truly delicious meal.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Whatever they may be, we here at Colt’s Pig Stand can’t wait to be part of the fun, family and foodie celebrations ahead!

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